Mudding, Barrie, ON

The mudding process sets the experts apart from the novices! Check with us for expert mudding for your drywall.

Mudding in Barrie, Ontario

The process of installing drywall in a home or office is usually when a building project gets exciting. Before the drywall goes in, there are only open walls and empty spaces, but after drywall, things start to take shape for even the least imaginative of us. It requires a certain level of skill in order to install drywall correctly, but what really sets the experts apart from the novices in the drywall business is their quality of mudding.

Drywall installation involves screwing panels of drywall into the wall studs. Because drywall comes in a set size and often needs to be pieced together, there are usually many seams in between the drywall pieces. Mudding is the process that makes those seams invisible and gives the wall a uniformly smooth appearance. When it is done correctly, mudding can complete the look of your walls, giving you a great surface with which to work. However, in unskilled hands, mudding can either highlight small differences in the pieces of drywall used or make the seams where one piece meets another obvious. Either end result leaves the customer with sloppy-looking walls.

Here at Whitten’s Drywall, you can count on us to do the mudding correctly the first time on your Barrie, Ontario property. After we have finished your mudding job, you’ll be nothing but impressed and pleased with the results! With our 10+ years of experience in the drywall business, including mudding, you’ll be happy you called us here at Whitten’s Drywall and will happily be able to move on to the next phase of your project.

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