Plaster, Barrie, ON

Plaster is a great option for a long-lasting and sturdy wall material.

Plaster in Barrie, OntarioWhile a great majority of the buildings today use drywall as their wall material of choice, there was a time when drywall wasn’t used at all. Instead, lathes were layered on top of the studs and expert craftsman would apply plaster to the lathes, creating a sturdy, sound-proof, long-lasting wall material. If you live or work in an older building in Barrie, Ontario, there’s a good chance that your walls are made of plaster, not drywall.

Drywall has been used almost exclusively for the last several decades because of its ease of installation. Even expertly installed with careful precision, drywall can go up in a matter of days, not weeks. Plaster, on the other hand, is a material that can be worth the wait for installation if you have the time. Many property owners are on a tight timeline and budget, which favours drywall installation.

Plaster is so durable, you can go for decades or generations without seeing damage to your plaster. However, when there is damage, it is often something that the novice DIY-er can’t repair very well on their own. With plaster, expert repairs are required, especially if there are lengthy cracks from the property settling over time.

If you would like to install plaster or have repairs made to your existing plaster walls, you need the expert touch of an experienced craftsmen like ours at Whitten’s Drywall. We can help your plaster walls look brand new again with our experienced repairs and installation. Contact us today with any of your plaster needs. We would be happy to help!

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