Drywall Replacement, Simcoe County, ON

We can help with any drywall replacement project in Simcoe County.

Drywall Replacement in Simcoe County, OntarioMany of us find we are in need of drywall replacement at one time or another. Although drywall is durable, accidents happen that can leave holes of other damage in the drywall, or sometimes a poor installation job leaves seems showing or ill-fitting pieces, or maybe you just have a renovation project in mind and need a drywall replacement to complete the look. No matter the reason, our team at Whitten’s Drywall is available for hire in Simcoe County, Ontario, and we know you’ll be satisfied with our work.

Big or small, we are here for the job. If you are doing a remodel job, we can also perform the drywall removal. Removing drywall is a good opportunity to check the studs and insulation behind the drywall for any damage or other concerns. We can inspect your property and alert you to any problems you might have.

Before any drywall replacement job, we recommend that you prepare for the enormous amount of dust that is produced during the process. Close all doors, cover vents, put down drop cloths, and cover furniture. If we are just working in a certain section of your home, we will do our best to seal it off to prevent dust from leaking into the rest of your house.

Drywall replacement doesn’t take an extremely long time, but it does need an opportunity to dry between coats, so the process will usually take 2-3 days, depending on the size of the work area. With our 10 years of work experience with drywall, you know we will be able to work quickly and efficiently and leave you with excellent results.

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