Basement Drywall, Simcoe County, ON

Basement drywall can add useful square footage to your Simcoe County home.

Basement Drywall Company in Simcoe County, OntarioBasement spaces are frequently unfinished in many homes in Simcoe County, Ontario, and people tend to use basements simply as extra storage space for the home. But with a simple and relatively inexpensive application of basement drywall, you can turn your basement into a living space that can be used far more effectively than just for storage.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to basement drywall is to opt for getting it insulated. Basements get chilly in the winter, and you’ll want to add extra insulation to keep the temperature regulated to your liking. Not only will this make you more likely to want to actually spend time in your finished basement, but it will also decrease the cost of heating and cooling your entire house. While heat may rise, it is still looking for a way to escape regardless of the location.

Another reason to get drywall insulation in your basement is for sound reduction. The main floor of your house and especially the kitchen will have lots of foot traffic, which is amplified to anyone in the basement. Regular walking on the main floor sounds like stomping in the basement. If you don’t want to go crazy from the noise, and especially if you are planning to have a bedroom in your basement, insulation in the basement ceiling is an absolute must.

Since basements tend to be damp, we usually recommend using water-resistant drywall to help curb any potential moisture problems you might encounter. Other than that, the process for basement drywall is much like the rest of the house. With our expert team, you’ll have an entirely new living space and tons of extra square footage added to your home almost overnight. We can’t wait to get to work transforming your basement!

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